Scarlett Egan from Germany grows roots in Songwriter City soil

Moving to Nashville one day is a big dream for musicians from all over the world. The same goes for Scarlett Egan from Heidelberg, Germany. From an early age she was exposed to American Country and Folk music as her parents had their own touring Country band. As a little girl she’d tag along to their gigs on the weekends, often sleeping in the back of the car while they performed on stage. Growing up in a tiny town in the country of Southwest Germany she would spend all her free time learning the songs of Patsy Cline, James Taylor, Janis Joplin and the Chicks, until she herself joined the band as a teenager. 

Over the years she built Nashville connections backing up artists such as Paul Overstreet, Billy Yates, Daryl Singletary, Deborah Allen and Brent Mason as a singer, guitar, and bass player. 

At 19 she had saved up enough money from her shows to fly to Nashville and record her first original Country album with some of Nashville’s top studio musicians. Standing in front of the world famous Blue Bird Cafe she had a strong feeling she would be back one day. 

By then she was touring heavily throughout Switzerland and Scandinavia, opening for acts like Toby Keith, Albert Lee, Chely Wright and Asleep At The Wheel, but decided to get a music degree and started studying Jazz in Saarbrücken, Germany. What was supposed to be a responsible decision turned out to be musically invaluable and added a new level of maturity to the way she experienced and wrote music, but also caused some confusion as to what kind of musician she really was. 

After finishing her studies she packed her bags at 26 years old and bought another ticket to Nashville for three months to see where it would take her. But her love of songwriting made it very clear that she was in the right place afterall and over seven years later she is still there, honing her songwriting craft. 

She has recently gathered lots of recognition in Nashville for opening for acts such as Jonell Mosser, Sarah Buxton and Emily West and is also joining Billy Prine, brother of the late John Prine as an opener and duet partner on his tours. 

Scarlett’s songs are refreshingly genuine, clever and beautifully heartfelt. Her new EP: “The Next Man Who Loves Me” is a collection of songs she wrote about the path of coming out of old unhealthy relationship patterns. With a compassionate, but unfooled, sometimes even ironic look at herself. 

She is a natural entertainer who catches every audience's attention with humor, ease and grace. She can be seen at Nashville’s writers rounds and currently continues to tour with Billy Prine.